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Olivia Woolhouse, Development and Production: Learning from the Steep Slope.


The course employs varied learning approaches. Teaching is designed to help you develop the necessary skills, knowledge and understanding to work conceptually, innovatively and effectively in the creative field of visual communication and illustration. The teaching approaches we employ are varied and support you in achieving the learning threshold statements for each module identified in the module pro-formas. There are also institutional graduate attributes identified in the programme specification for each level and for each individual module of study, so learning is not only subject specific but encompasses an expanded range of attributes and awareness for professional engagement and personal development.

Learning at higher education level is student centred, it that it promotes independent learning, personal responsibility and both individual and collaborative enterprise. It also fosters a deep intellectual engagement with ideas, as well as skills that support you’re your personal and professional development. 

Daniel Chapman, development studies.

Yoana Puleva, print study.

Cameron Small, development studies.