Image: Anna Menshenina.


This interdisciplinary course encompasses a wide range of processes and applications including drawing, moving image, animation, graphic communication, illustration, print-making, surface design, photography and installation – our premise being that within contemporary creative practice the boundaries between art, design and illustration now merge far more. New creatives may find themselves working on initiatives that require a range of skills and aptitudes that are multi contextual and increasingly involve collaboration. Whilst this wide range of activity offers breadth, a depth of learning is also highly significant. 

The acquisition of deep knowledge, critical understanding and visual awareness are achieved through reflection and evaluation, provoking a speculative ‘what if’ approach. We aim for our graduates to become informed and visually aware practitioners who are flexible and confident, embracing change and opportunity.

Liz Grob, Course Director

Sarah Cuttler, Final Major Project..

Tiziana Federica Riui, Drawing Systems.


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